Trip to Łódź – part 1.

We entered the new year in the wonderful company of our many friends! For the 4th time, together with our partner Society of Friends of the Museum, we organised a weekend trip to Łódź in January. On the first day, Friday, we went to the MS1 for the opening of Marek Sobczyk’s exhibition Prototypes 05: Marek Sobczyk. A Trip on the Wire [Polentransport] curated by Hanna Wróblewska, who showed us around the exhibition together with the artist. What is Marek Sobczyk’s latest exhibition about? While visiting the space of the exhibition “Prototypes 05: Marek Sobczyk. A Trip on the Wire [Polentransport]”, we follow the meandering installation which leads us to subsequent paintings. The structure made of 180 metres of galvanized wire is an artistic tribute to Katarzyna Kobro. The work is part of Marek Sobczyk’s long-term project “Museum” (in inverted commas!), under which the artist enters into a dialogue with the works of such artists as: Magdalena Abakanowicz,  Stanisław Dróżdż,  James Joyce,  Jeff Koons,  Kazimir Malevich, and Roman Opałka. At the exhibition “A Trip on the Wire“.[Polentransport], the artist is in dialogue with Katarzyna Kobro, with Stanisław Lem’s “Solaris”, and with Joseph Beuys, at whose famous gift from 1981 he decides to look with a critical eye

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