Teresa Gierzyńska’s exhibition “Women live for love”

After a short break for Christmas and New Year, we are back to invite you, as a reminder of our visit to Teresa Gierzyńska’s exhibition “Women live for love”, to see it at the Zachęta Gallery. What can we expect from the exhibition? The rich body of work of Teresa Gierzyńska (b. 1947), sculptor, photographer and graphic artist, still remains unknown to the general public. The large, monographic exhibition at the Zachęta, accompanied by an extensive publication, provides for the first time a full insight into the artist’s original work, situated at the intersection of various disciplines and media. The exhibition’s title is taken from Lauren Berlant’s book Female Complaint. The Unfinished Business of Sentimentality in American Culture (2008). It offers an excellent commentary on art that grew out of opposition to the images of femininity and stereotypes about the social role of women and their ideal lives as mediated by mass culture. The exhibition will be open until 6 March. At the same time, you can see Teresa Gierzyńska’s exhibition “Pause” in the friendly Gunia Nowik Gallery!

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